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Cottage Care

Whether you are away all year, seasonal, or visit Maine frequently, we provide reliable, worry-free cottage and property management services. We can create a comprehensive plan that is customized to your needs, utilizing deep-rooted local connections for services needed to safely and securely maintain your property. 

What's included during a home check walkthrough:

  • Signs of forced entry

  • Alarm check

  • Doors and windows

  • Floors, walls, ceilings

  • Basement and Attic

  • Kitchen and Bathroom plumbing

  • Temperature of home

  • Fuel levels

  • Boiler and hot water systems

  • Appliances

  • Lightbulbs and smoke detectors

  • Chimney inspection

  • Unusual odors and sounds

  • Lights - Exterior and interior

  • Evidence of pest problems

  • Snow removal issues

  • Mail/Mailbox accessibility

On-Call and Concierge Services:

  • Receive deliveries 

  • Meet contractors

  • Meet cleaning services, oversee rental turn-overs between guests

  • Provide secure access for other authorized personnel

  • Arrange services for plumbing (turn-off/turn-on), fireplace inspection, furnace cleanings

Storm Checks and Additional Services:

  • Coastal Cottage Services will make an additional trip to your home following any major storm. During a storm check, we inspect outside and inside of your home for snow/ice damage, flooding, water leaks, tree damage. If damage does occur, we'll help you decide what action is needed.

  • Put away outdoor furniture and umbrellas

  • Ceramic pot care, cleaning and maintenance

"Elizabeth, you take better care of my house than I do!"
- Kennebunk Homeowner + NHL Head Coach 
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